$1,000 cash, letterpress printed in metallic gold ink, then spent and recirculated. Now minted as an NFT.

Photo by Nathalia Segato on Unsplash

As a US citizen living in Argentina, finding the best way to get my income into Argentine pesos is always on top of mind.

Cash is King

Me at my desk, editing an interview and writing a script for the episode’s tracking. I do my interviews and lay down tracking in a small audio booth instead of out in the echoey coworking space.

The big-time podcasters and radio pros conduct remote interviews all the time. Hears the thing, you’d never know it unless they told you.

Voting early, voting by mail, even absentee voting doesn’t mean you don’t get a sticker.

Click here to download the digital sticker PSD file.

First things first

Image Source: Wikipedia Commons

…at least until they do.

Pardon me while I go ahead and stand on this side of the line.

Say good bye to this unwanted hole.

Spoiler: It’ll improve your life.

Evan MacDonald

Slinger of ink, pixels, and sound waves. From Seattle. Living in Argentina. #Brand #design and #content. Host of the #podcast, ‘One Thing Real Quick.’

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